English classes

When & where: July 8 – August 11, Telciu

For who: children and teenagers between 7 – 18 years old

Registrations are now open! Contact person for registration –  Mihaela Vlașin (or modernitateruralitate@gmail.com). Free admission, but donations are accepted.

The English language course proposes a balanced blend of activities in which language elements (grammar and vocabulary) are put into practice: the main objective is the act of communication – the transmission of ideas and the enhancement of confidence in one’s own abilities, taking into account social processes complexities that deserve to be challenged (cultural colonization and classroom complex, eg.). The idea of ​​pursuing the uninhibited use of any level of English in relation to this context is the major trait of this course.

The course will take place over 5 weeks, consisting of daily meetings – enough time for participating students to familiarize themselves and / or improve their knowledge and practice. Participants will be divided into two age groups to facilitate the interactive learning process and to adapt the activities to their specific needs.


  • Activities-games to stimulate verbal interaction between participants (eg.,  Simon Says, Mother May, Memory, Sharades, etc.)
  • Use of poems and songs relevant for the participants (the music they listen to)
  • Craft activities involving teamwork and verbal interactions (eg., art projects)
  • Outdoor activities and other types of activities (Treasure Hunt, cooking workshop) in English