Artists in residence


Mădălina Brândușe (1987, Brașov) – actress

She is an actress. She has studied Psycho-pedagogy at the Faculty of Psychology and Science of Education within the University of Bucharest, between 2007 and 2009. She graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Acting department, at the Hyperion University in Bucharest in 2012 which she followed up with a Master’s degree in Politics, Gender, and Minorities at SNSPA between 2017 and 2018.

In 2015 she joined the Political Theatre Platform team, an O2G Association project in Bucharest, that was trying to archive, document and debate, through the medium of theatre plays and workshops, the history of the marginalized which had often gone ignored by Political and Economic systems.

Petro Ionescu (1988, Botoșani) – playwright

She was member of Theatre 2.0 where she contributed to theatre performance Rubik, in 2010, at the Fabrica de Pensule [The Paintbrush Factory] in Cluj Napoca. She collaborates with directors from Romania and Belgium and her texts were produced at Teatrul 74 in Târgu-Mureş, at FiX Theater in Iaşi, at the Reactor of Creation and
Experiment in Cluj-Napoca. In 2013 she participates as a performer and playwright in the workshop of devised theatre supported by Belgian director, Armel Roussel, in the European project “Cities on Stage / Villes en scene”. She continues to work using the same method of devised theatre together with director Raul Coldea and also in the following theatre performances to which he signs the dramaturgy: Ce am ales să uit [What I choose to forget], Teatru FiX [FiX Theatre], Provizoriu [Provisional], Nu cred că o să îmi treacă vreodată [I will never be the same again], În viitorul apropiat [In the near future] (directed by Cristian Ban), Refugii sau via negativa [Refugees or via negative], all produced by Reactor of Creation and experiment. In March 2017, she collaborates with the Fabrica de Pensule for the S.R.L. (Private Limited Company), a theatre-play directed by Florin Caracala, and in September 2017 she puts on stage the theatre-play Miracolul de la Cluj [The Miracle of Cluj], the Reactor of Creation and Experiment, together with the director David Schwartz. In November 2017 she collaborates with the ARENA association and Macaz Bar Theatre Coop (Bucharest) to produce the theatre performance INEGAL, together with the director Raul Coldea.

In autumn of 2015, Petro Ionescu started to work as a cultural mediator, facilitating workshops for children from the Pata-Rât community, within the ROMEDIN project, conducted by Desire Foundation for Social Openness and Reflection. Between April 2016 and November 2017, she continued this activity, realizing another series of workshops for children in the Pata-Cluj project, in partnership with Reactor of Creation and Experiment. Also, in autumn 2016, she initiated together with the director Raul Coldea two cultural
mediation programs for the theatre audience: Community theatre workshop
(Reprezintă-ți comunitatea [Represent your community]) and a familiarization
workshop with the independent theatres in Cluj-Napoca, Com’on to the Independent Theater, both funded through the Com’on Cluj platform!

Raul Coldea (1991, Braşov) – theatre director

He graduated from the Theatre and Television Faculty, with a specialization in Theatre Directing, Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, in 2013. During the faculty, he attends several workshops: Bronwyn Tweddle (Cluj-Napoca) documentary theatre with David
Schwartz (Cluj-Napoca), lightening workshop with Lucian Moga (Cluj-Napoca), dramaturgy workshop with Gianina Cărbunariu (Arcalia, Bistriţa Năsăud County), workshop theatre as oppositional form with Ioana Păun, completed with a performance that aimed to observe people’s reactions to the abuses of the authorities (Cluj-Napoca).

In the summer of 2015 he participated in the program Erasmus + The Complete Freedom of Truth, which took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There he leads theatre workshops for young people in the first part of the program, and in the second part he participates in the theatre workshop of the British director and professor David Glass. It also facilitates debates for World Wide Views Romania meetings on climate change and theatre workshops for children from disadvantaged areas.

In September 2015, together with the playwright Petro Ionescu, he had the premiere of the theatre performance Nu cred că o să îmi treacă vreodată [I will never be the same again] at the Reactor of Creation and Experiment. With this play, he participates in the RestArt – Satu-Mare Festival and within the TROC platform – Educational Theater Network, in Sibiu, at Gong Theatre. In 2016, he directs two other theatre-plays, Refugees (with premiere in March), a theatre performance that documents the problem of homeless people, the evacuations in Cluj-Napoca and via negative (with the premiere in October), where he shows how technology influences the social life of the people. In November 2017, he collaborates with the ARENA association and the Macaz space to produce the theatre-play INEGAL, together with the playwright Petro
Ionescu. In May 2018, he directed the theatre performance Body of Defiance at the Reactor of Creation and Experiment, after a text written by Ana Cucu-Popescu.

Gabriela Herța (1967, Romuli) – school teacher

She has been a teacher for 33 years in the rural education. She has experience in the primary school didactics, in teaching civic culture and education at the secondary school, psycho-pedagogical counselling and also in the integration activities for children with special educational needs, as well as in school management.

She is the contact person and local informant in various journalism and research projects focused on Romuli and Telciu villages. Gabriela Herța collaborated with journalists from various publications, including VICE (Romania).

Cristian Grecu (1993, Deva) – graphic designer, illustrator

Between August and September 2016 he did volunteer work in the project “Adopt a House at Roşia Montană” where he participated in the renovation of two heritage
buildings. In the second half of 2017 he was involved in a project organized in the Feroviarilor park together with the AltArt Foundation. In this project, he prepared posters, flyers and a weekly mini-newspaper entitled “Gazeta Feroviarilor” whose design concept and desk publishing he created, and where he published articles. He is editor, desk publisher and illustrator, as well as founding member of Editura Pagini libere [Free Pages Publishing House].

Andrei Şerban (1984, Iaşi) – actor, theatre director

He is an actor and acting coach. He also directs Romani theatre-plays. He graduated in 2007 from the Faculty of Theatre, the Acting Department, within the U.N.A.T.C
Bucharest. Since 2007, he has collaborated with the O2G Association – the Generosity Offensive initiative, where he participated as actor, playwright and community artist on several
projects. Since 2016 he is a founding member of MACAZ Bar Theatre Coop, a space dedicated to the contemporary political art in Bucharest.