2019 Edition

DOCUMENTARY THEATER RESIDENCE (I) – Petro Ionescu and Raul Coldea (June 1 – July 1, Telciu and Romuli)

This residence implies the creation of the scenario for a theatre-reading performance focused on the family in the countryside. The two artists will investigate how residents relate to the family by age, income, occupation, what are the types of family in the village, and how these forms of family life have effects on other socio-economic aspects.

The first step is the macro-research about migration and family situation in the rural areas in order to contextualize the problem of Romanian migration in the 21st century. After this process, the artists will focus on the families in Telciu, especially by interviewing members of some families to establish the main topics for the script of the theatre performance. Based on the concept of community theatre (involvement of non-professional actors in the artistic act through the use of personal stories), the artists will draw up the script of the play.


RESIDENCE OF VISUAL ARTS – Gabriela Herța and Cristian Grecu (15 June – 15 July, Romuli and Telciu)

The residential artists –Cristian Grecu, graphic designer and Gabriela Herța, teacher – will draw up and publish a Comic book. The illustrations will be made by, and in collaboration with, the pupils from the Romuli General School and Telciu Technological High School. The main topic is exploring various perspectives of the daily life of children in the two villages.

The residents aim to collect stories and local mythologies through the activities with locals, be they children, young people or adults. The participants will become familiar, under the guidance of the residents, with the technique of collage in order to create visual narratives. The collages will be reunited in the Comic book, which will be published and distributed in Telciu but also during the tour.

DOCUMENTARY THEATER RESIDENCE (II) – Andrei Șerban and Mădălina Brândușe (July- August 2019, Telciu)

The residents aim to achieve a theatre-reading performance on the daily life of Romani children whose parents go to work abroad. Their target audience is intended to be the young people from the village and their surroundings, and that implies the direct collaboration of the locals.

In order to contextualize the thematic approach, the artists will document the
situation of the national migration and the work abroad in the context of the rural area in order to understanding the contemporary phenomenon of the economic migration. Focusing on the specific circumstances of migration in Telciu, they will also overlap an analysis of the situation of the Romani people in the area, in particular the existence or the absence of discrimination. The interviews with the young women and young men in the area, seeking to understand their personal experiences, will represent the basis for the theatre-reading script that will be presented both in Telciu and in the tour
around the country.

Handpicked in Telciu is a project co-funded by the National Cultural Fund Administration (AFCN). The project does not necessarily represent the position of AFCN. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or the way the project results can be used. This is entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.

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