Last call for Telciu! The Summer School is suspended, one more week to apply to Telciu Summer Conferences

After long and thoughtful consideration on the current restrictions and protection measures in place, the organizers and the scientific board have decided to suspend this year’s edition of the Telciu Summer School. Yet, as we still strive to create a collective space for discussing ideas and sharing experiences, the Telciu Summer Conferences will take place as planned: 13-16th August. Our first and main concern was and continues to be the local community in Telciu, and in particular not adding to the current risks by travelling in large numbers to the village. For this reason, the Telciu Summer Conferences will happen in a hybrid form, allowing speakers to participate both live and online.

Considering the decision to suspend the Summer School, we have decided to extend the application deadline with one more week, so that those wishing to join us this summer in Telciu have the opportunity to do so. We are looking forward to your proposals for the 9th edition of the Telciu Summer Conferences: Decolonizing Revolutions: Social Movements, Spiritualities and Commoning until the 7th June at The proposals should include the title and the abstract of 300 words as well as your institutional affiliation. Speakers of Romanian ought to send their abstracts both in Romanian and English, in order to ease the load on the translation team, as we wish to publish the Conferences abstracts in both languages.

As partners in a decolonial project, the organisers of the Telciu Summer Conference and School are well aware that contemporary revolutionary ideals and praxis must contend with the difficulties of building social movements when no one has time; cultivating modes of togetherness, spirituality and inner life when the meanings of such terms have either been monopolized by the conservative religious right or commodified under liberal capitalism; and restoring spaces of collaborative survival and well-being in a time of planetary enclosure, privatization and expropriation when the modern state and its police force are built around the ideal of policing and protecting private property.

We, therefore, invite presentations that tackle and analyze the three practices of social movements, spiritualities, and commoning as they roughly correspond to the cultural-political, affective-embodied, and material-spatial domains of theory and practice. Please read the full call for papers here.

As for our community activities, we are looking for adapted, flexible and realistic solutions to be able to carry on the workshops for children and youth in Telciu, be it online (when the trainer cannot travel to Telciu, for instance) or in place, by restricting the number of participants. We will review and update soon the activities part of “Telciu 2020. Rural platform for education through culture” and until then you can check our first online workshop on juggling, here.

We hope to see you soon, in whichever way possible! Till then, take care of yourselves and your communities!