Workshops for children and not only

Still on the road, on the road, on the road! – educational theater workshop (with Katia Pascariu & Mihaela Michailov)

When & where: July 8 – August 11, Telciu

For who: children and teenagers between  6 – 16 years old

Registrations are now open! Contact person for registration –  Mihaela Vlașin (or Free admission.

Mihaela Michailov (playwright) and Katia Pascariu (performer) will continue the work initiated last summer at the Telciu summer school (the 3rd edition). Their workshop, initiated in 2018, was thought of as a long-term project, at least two years, with the possibility of finalizing a theatre performance in 2019. Being quite a complex workshop which includes theater, games, improvisation, dance, music, creative writing, storytelling, interviews and much more, and also the large number of participants of different ages (6-16 years) the team of trainers wanted in the first place to create a space of confidence and comfort where all participants feel good, play, explore, learn and create. The main topic of the workshop was the rural school environment, recent history and present – multiple perspective – friendship, conflicts, rivalry, various aggression, competition, diversity, grades, parents and teachers, past and future of the schools, fears and passions at 11-13 years.

After the first edition  of the workshop – “School, school, do not die!” (2018), in 2019 the focus shifts to a deeper stage – the subject is: how do the participants perceive the near future – the link between school and work / profession and money / education and social status / leaving in the country versus remaining in the country – discussing the socio-political context, the local / international mass media, and especially the personal lives of the participants and the experiences of their families.

The show will be performed in the opening of the 4th Telciu Summer School on August 11, 2019, 17:00. Free admission.

Stop-motion film workshop (with Bencse Makkai)

When & where:  August 11 – 18, Telciu

For who: children and teenagers between 10 – 18 years old

Este posibil ca imaginea să conţină: unul sau mai mulţi oameni şi în aer liber

Registrations are now open! Contact person for registration –  Mihaela Vlașin (or Free admission.

We invite the children in Telciu and not only to take part in a workshop about scanning/photographing/collating/editing for the realization of film using the stop-motion technique. The film created by the participants will be screen within the 4th edition of the Telciu Summer School in order to promote local cultural products and the contemporary fears and challenges  of the rural world through an attractive interface. Specific activities include: photographing the elements, organizing maps and collages in order to structure the stop-motion , beginner level video editing, sound recording and editing sound. The stop-motion film workshop aims to train the young participants in producing their own stop-motion films, as well as engaging them in the creative process out of which a film ready to be screen for the public in Telciu will be produced.

Open air projection of the film produced by participants on Friday, August 16, 20:00. Free admission.

Jugglery workshop (with Ana Leoca / Circus Fairies)

When & where: August 11 – 18, Telciu

For who: children between 6 – 12 years old

Este posibil ca imaginea să conţină: 1 persoană, stând în picioare, iarbă, copac, în aer liber şi natură

Registrations are now open! Contact person for registration –  Mihaela Vlașin (or Free admission.

The workshops aims at the component of education through, necessary for bringing together cultural activities with the motor abilities development in children.

Mural painting laboratory (with Lucia Mărneanu & Cristian Boboescu)

When & where: August 19 – Septembrie 15, Telciu

For who:  anyone between 10 – 60 years old

Registrations are now open! Contact person for registration –  Mihaela Vlașin (or Free admission.

The mural painting laboratory will take place for one month in Telciu, and it will include 15 meetings. The laboratory involves the realization – through the collaboration between a plastic artist (Lucia Mărneanu), a psychologist (Cristian Boboescu) and the locals of Telciu village – of a mural painting about the history of Telciu from the perspective of 3 generations. It is aimed at 30 participants, of different ages (10-20, 30-40, 50-60 years).

This workshop aims to familiarize locals with working techniques to which they have limited access and also to involve them in the contemporary artistic creation. This laboratory facilitates the exploration of inter-generational relationships. Following the steps taken in the 1980s in the Transactional analysis school, and the examples of the muralist movement in Mexico in the 1920s and 1950s, the instructors of the workshop together with the participants will try to illustrate a personal, informal timeline of social transformations – political, economic and geographical locations of the village since 50 years ago to the present. The possible outcomes of this attempt consist in bridging the gap between generations, on the one hand, as well as the recognition of local collective memory on the other. The laboratory will have 3 modules.

The first module will include 3 preparatory meetings with each age group in order to select the participants interested in the proposed topic. The second one (7 meetings) will consist of exercises for visual exploration by the previously formed groups, and the third module (5 meetings) will include the realization of the mural painting and its inauguration. Overall, the approach is relevant as an appeal to the generational cohesion through artistic means, in the shadow of a growing fragmentation of rural society as a result of migration.

The mural painting will be inaugurated on the first day of the school year 2019-2020.