The Center for the Study of Modernity and the Rural World was established in 2016, as an independent and interdisciplinary research center, probably the first one in Romania that has the headquarters and activates mostly in the rural area, namely in the Telciu village, in the Bistrița-Năsăud county. The approach proposed by the Center is a decolonial critical one, which considers necessary the horizontal dialogue and exchange between the rural environment and the urban one, the academic and the artistic one, in order to reduce the differences and inequalities produced by un unequal and non-inclusive development, and of their effects on the rural communities but not only. Together with a feminist and ecologist perspective, the decolonial critique which constitutes the theoretical base of the Center determines us to transpose in our projects and practices – implicitly the organizational ones – principles such as gender equality, intersectional inclusion, sustainability, social ecology, attention for the contextual power relations. Moreover, we constantly have a critical relationship with our material context (including economic inequalities) as well as with the local and global ideological one which encompass us. 

Our projects range from scientific-academic (Telciu Summer Conferences, Telciu Summer School, editorial projects), cultural-educational (Telciu 2020, Telciu Bulletin, etc.), artistic research and production (Handpicked in Telciu, Factories and Plants, Base cells, etc.), which aim to include the communitarian perspective. Through the theoretical approach chosen, the implementation of our projects, and in general the practices of the Center, we aim to explore possible alternatives to the dominating discourses and practices of neocolonialism, patriarchy, capitalism and neoliberal, which leave their indeleble mark not only on the Romanian context, but also on the global one, and which are still being normalized despite their negative effects and the inequalities they produce.


Decolonizing revolutions: social movements, spiritualities and commoning

This is the theme of the 9th edition of Telciu Summer Conferences, taking place between 13-15th August. The deadline for sending your abstract is 10th of May. Find the entire Call for Papers here.

Telciu Summer Conferences 2019 – Call for papers

The 8th Telciu Summer Conference will take place between 8th and 11th of August 2019 in Telciu, Romania. Please read this Call for Papers for the full information. The deadline for papers is May 18th 2019.

Budget overview for the events in August 2018

An overview in numbers of this year’s events organized in Telciu by the Center for the Study of Modernity and the Rural World! During the month of August, the 7th Edition of the Telciu Summer Conferences and the 3rd Edition of the Telciu Summer School took place. Roughly 150 people – participants, guest speakers, invited artists and organizing team were involved. Click here to read the full report.

Application for the 3rd edition of Telciu Summer School

The call for application for the third edition of Telciu Summer School has been launched. You can find more information about this edition and the application form by visiting the Summer School website.

Handpicked in Telciu

Handpicked in Telciu is a research and artistic creation program launched in 2018 that brings together locals, young artists and researchers. Handpicked in Telciu is inspired by the contemporary Telcean life in the creation of new artistic productions that are subsequently toured throughout the country.

Through this program we aim to contribute both to the exploration of the contemporary rural world and to the enrichment of the local cultural heritage through artistic productions made in and inspired by Telciu and the neighboring communes. The program consists of hosting artists and researchers in Telciu during the summer to document and make artistic creations inspired by the recent rural reality.

The team: Claudiu Lorand Maxim, Adina Marincea, Valer Simion Cosma, Laura Trocan.



About the Center

Established in 2016, the Center for the Study of Modernity and the Rural World is an independent and interdisciplinary research institute. The Center resides in a rural area, bringing together researchers from Romania and abroad concerned with a wide range of topics and issues relating to modernity and rurality.