Community activities


Emanuel Copilaș, Universitatea de Vest (Timișoara, România) – What is the Value of Labour Today? (seminar addressed to the local community)

Gianina Cărbunariu“Three Days of Tales in Telciu” ( theatre workshop for youth, 14-24 years).

Claudiu Lorand Maxim & Silvana Râpeanu“An Imaginary Guide of Telciu” (theatre workshop for students, 10-14 years)

Vlad Petri – An introductory workshop on documentary film for youth

Maria Brudașcă & Tiberiu Bleoancă – Narrative drawing and clay modelling workshop for youth, 8-18 years)


photo: Alexandru Ungureanu

In Between (2016), directed by David Schwartz and Ioana Florea, with Katia Pascariu and Alice Monica Marinescu.

In Between proposes a performance and participatory debate about the origins of persecutions, migrations and refuge in the local and international context. The performance falls within a broader research project of the four artists who come from families affected by forced migration and ethnic persecution. The approach proposes processes understanding displacement as a constant in the history of mankind, by investigating and exposing the personal stories related to migration and refuge, both of the art collective and of the potential audience. (

Provisional (2015), directed by Raul Coldea and Petro Ionescu, with Oana Mardare, Doru Mihai Taloș, Cătălin Filip

Provisional is a work-oriented show addressing the topic of social invisibility. The show attempts to fictionalize and make visible the biographies of those who exist only in the statistics of institutions. Ironic and percussive, Provisional addresses those of whom we choose not to know while they pass us by every day.

Documentary screenings by Cinemobilul

photo: Dan Gaftone

Disco is dead (2017) and End of Summer (2015) directed by Alina Manolache
I am a Roma doctor (2017) directed by Anelise Selan
Merci Patron! (2015) directed by Fr. Ruffin

An evening dedicated to the protests of the past five years, seen through the lens of Vlad Petri

Morgen (2012), directed by Marian Crișan ( in Bichigiu, a village of Telciu)